Summer Fellowships

The Indianapolis Press Club Foundation believes in providing paid summer fellowship opportunities for deserving college journalism students.


We know the best education often comes on the job, so we work with local media to identify full-time internship opportunities that enable students to grow in their careers.

The Indianapolis Press Club Foundation will fund a fall 2022 fellowship at the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper for Indiana undergraduate college journalism student or a recent Indiana college graduate. Applicants must be persons of color. The 10-week fellowship pays $6,000 and the deadline for applying is Aug. 15, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST.

Information about how to apply can be found here.

2022 Fellows



Emma Uber

Indiana University Sophomore

Uber worked at Indianapolis Monthly 

“This challenged me to be creative and curious, as well as learn how to pitch for an entirely different type of publication than I am used to. I definitely feel like I learned a lot.”

Mesgana Waiss

Ball State University Junior

Waiss worked at the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper

“I learned a lot working at The Indianapolis Recorder. I feel as though I have a better understanding of newswriting and how to operate in the world of journalism post-graduation.”

Uber and Waiss spent 10 weeks at their summer internships. We are grateful to The Indianapolis Foundation, an affiliate of Central Indiana Community Foundation, for providing support for the internship at the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper.

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2021 Fellows




Abriana Herron

Indiana University Senior

Herron worked at the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper.

“I feel like I learned a lot in my 10 weeks at The Recorder. I do wish I could have stayed a little longer. I feel like I still have so much left to learn.”

Terrence Lambert

IUPUI Senior

Lambert worked at the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper.

“It was a little rough at the beginning, but nearly all internships start out rough. I’ve learned so much throughout these 10 weeks … which has helped me grow into a better writer and journalist through this program.”

Carson TerBush

Indiana University Sophomore

TerBush worked at Chalkbeat Indiana

“I definitely learned a lot through the fellowship. I had a great experience pitching and
writing stories and learning from great editing.”

Herron, Lambert and TerBush each spent 10 weeks at their summer internships. We are grateful to The Indianapolis Foundation, an affiliate of Central Indiana Community Foundation, for providing support for Herron’s internship since our foundation can support only two of the three fellowships.

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2020 Fellows


Mikaili Azziz

IUPUI Sophomore

Mikaili Azziz, an IUPUI sophomore, worked at the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper.

“I do feel that I’ve learned a great deal from my fellowship… I can’t say anything negative about any aspect of my experience.”


Emily Isaacman

Indiana University Junior

Emily Isaacman, an Indiana University junior, worked at Chalkbeat Indiana.

“If anything, the fellowship was better than I expected. I was impressed by the level of attention my editors gave me. They regularly asked what I wanted to work on and tailored my assignments and their focus to fit those goals.”

Both Azziz and Isaacman produced some terrific stories despite being required to follow social-distancing rules when reporting and covering news.

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2019 Fellows

Emily Cox

Emily Cox spent 10 weeks at WFYI.

“My fellowship was even better than expected,” said Emily Cox, a Ball State Univeresity graduate. “I got to cover challenging subjects/high interest events. I learned so much and gained great connections.

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Sorell Grow spent 10 weeks at IBJ.

“This fellowship program is a tremendous opportunity for students who want to pursue journalism because it can be so hard to find internships of this caliber that are actually paid,” said Sorell Grow, a senior at Butler University. “I am so grateful to have had this opportunity!”

“I was pleasantly surprised at how much freedom IBJ allowed me to write stories on a broad array of topics and styles –from quick breaking news to longform features,” Grow added.

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Sorell Grow

2018 Fellows

Sarah Panfil

Sarah Panfil, Indiana University, worked at WFYI.

“In a field like journalism and media in general, it’s so difficult to find work that pays…. The fellowship allowed me to work full time for WFYI and I really felt like a part of the team.”

Panfil spent 10 weeks at WFYI and covered a wide range of topics that included politics, transit issues, homelessness and even sinkholes in downtown Indianapolis.​

Panfil’s WFYI stories

“I was scared to start daily news reporting/general assignment work because quick turnarounds were always difficult for me. This fellowship taught me to jump right in and get the work done.”

Shelby Mullis

Shelby Mullis, Franklin College, worked at Chalkbeat Indiana.

“I was very impressed with the fellowship. It gave me the opportunity to jump right into a newsroom and put my skills to work.”​

Mullis spent 10 weeks at Chalkbeat Indiana, an online, nonprofit educational news service. Among the topics she covered were charter schools, ethnic studies, learning disabilities and affordable housing for teachers.​

Mullis’ Chalkbeat stories

“Honestly, I wish my stay at Chalkbeat could have been longer than 10 weeks, but this is coming from someone who loves to stay busy and work…. I simply want to thank the Indianapolis Press Club Foundation for this opportunity.”

2017 Fellows

Carley Lanich, the 2017 Fellow
(At her desk at Indianapolis Business Journal)

​Carley Lanich, Indiana University, worked at Indianapolis Business Journal

Carley Lanich, the 2017 fellowship winner, was chosen from a field of 26 applicants. An Indiana University student, Lanich spent eight weeks working at Indianapolis Business Journal.

“I learned so much at IBJ — both about journalism and business,” Lanich said. “I found mentors in my editors and fellow reporters and am excited to say I’m walking away with some work I am really proud of.”​

Lanich, a native of Indianapolis, came in second place in the foundation’s 2016 Thomas R. Keating competition. She is double majoring in journalism and political science and minoring in international studies.​

“I am so grateful to the Indy Press Club for making this such an incredible and valuable learning experience.”

2016 Fellows

Alexandra Kincaid
(At Her Indy Monthly Desk)

Alexandra Kincaid, Ball State University, worked at Indianapolis Monthly.

“Throughout my eight weeks at Indy Monthly, I had multiple opportunities to report and write for both print and online, and while doing so, I was able to improve my skills as a journalist,” Kincaid said.” I was also able to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of the magazine industry and how the publication comes together.​

Kincaid enjoyed having her own office at Indianapolis Monthly.​

“Paid internships are difficult to come by, and your (the press foundation’s) generosity has allowed me to gain invaluable experience while not accumulating more student debt.”​

Kincaid also won the foundation’s Last Row Scholarship Feature Writing Award.

Sierra Hignite, Indiana University, worked at CBS 4/Fox 59

“I got much more out of my fellowship than I expected, Hignite said. “This was my second news internship in the Indy market and it was by far the more beneficial one.​

Hignite said having a paid internship made a big difference since the previous one had been unpaid.​

“I felt I was able to put in more focus on my internship and really give 100 percent of my focus since I didn’t have to balance it with another job.”